Curriculum Specifications

Standards & Alignment

Little Lincoln uses a standards-based approach in developing its curriculum. This section serves as a resource for parents and educators to see how Little Lincoln aligns to these standards for both curricula and assessments.

Little Lincoln coursework is aligned with national standards established by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). In addition, these standards were combined with the standards mandated by the Ohio Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The learner objectives set forth by these national and state entities are covered offline in an array of activities and hands-on projects. They are also covered online through direct instruction in the teacher videos and are reinforced in the audio stories and mini-games. Little Lincoln is a thorough curriculum that was designed by educators to meet our own high standards as well as those of the industry we serve.

Objective Overviews

Overviews of the objectives that are taught in each grade of Little Lincoln provide insight into what students will learn each year. This information is organized by grade level and subject and is designed to highlight and summarize much of the information that students are exposed to as they complete their lessons.

Assessment Overviews

All assessments are scanned and submitted to an assigned Elementary Teacher Facilitator (ETF). Each student will work with his ETF throughout the year to complete a variety of assessments in the subject areas of reading, writing, and math. The assessments are meant to chart the progress of each student and identify areas in which additional practice or assistance may be needed.

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Itemized List Of Supplies

We provide you with everything that you and your student will need to successfully complete the Little Lincoln curriculum. You will receive five boxes of materials per year. One box is shipped each nine-week season that contains the materials for that quarter. The fifth box, which arrives along with the fall seasonal box at the beginning of the year, contains all of the supplies that the student will need to complete the hands-on activities.

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