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Why Should I Choose Little Lincoln?

Each year, more and more parents are choosing to educate their children through virtual learning. Some parents are looking for more individualized attention for their children. Others are looking to escape budget cuts in public schools. But all parents want to give their children the best education possible.

Little Lincoln provides a standards-based, accredited curriculum for students in early kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. We offer 180 days of courses covering math, science, reading, writing, social studies, and visual arts. Our interactive curriculum uses both online tools and hands-on activities to give your student a well-rounded and engaging education. Whether you choose to educate your student at home or to enroll your student in a virtual school, the Little Lincoln curriculum has many benefits.

Delivered to Your Door

Everything your student needs to be successful is delivered right to your doorstep.

At the Student's Pace

Little Lincoln allows each student to work at a pace that is best suited to his or her needs.

Fun Day-to-Day Learning

Little Lincoln uses whimsical characters and innovative educational tools to foster creativity.

Guided Instruction

To ensure that your student receives individualized attention, each student has a Guide.

Get Little Lincoln Into Your Child's Education

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  • I am so happy to see the snowflakes. I counted my 45 leaves and today I got snowflakes. I love my winter box. Yeah!

    - Little Lincoln Student

    My daughter has learned so much from Mrs. Walden. Her writing skills have improved 100% since we started Little Lincoln. At first I doubted her learning how to sound out words and write them, but after only a few weeks, her reading and writing have taken off.

    - Little Lincoln Guide

    Just wanted to tell you that we've had a great first week of school. Alexis seems to love the firstgrade Little Lincoln/Midlandia program. We love how it flows from radio to video to game.

    - Little Lincoln Guide

    The lessons are outstanding! I can't believe what my daughter is learning! She especially loves learning about the different areas that animals live. Rainforest, African Savanna, the! Even learning the different layers of the rainforest. I never expected her to learn these things in Kindergarten. I love it because I am learning with her.

    - Little Lincoln Guide

    Our family really enjoys Little Lincoln. Our first grader gets so excited to see which teachers he will be learning with today. His younger sister sits with him and as they learn together they take turns playing the learning games after the lessons Little Lincoln makes learning fun and educational and encourages the children to learn!

    - Little Lincoln Guide