Little Lincoln updates kindergarten curriculum

Apr 04, 2011

The National Network of Digital Schools is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of kindergarten through Little Lincoln. The newly revised kindergarten curriculum will be released for the 2011-2012 academic year.

The new curriculum will incorporate the Little Lincoln Literature Collections, Kindergarten. Based on the early kindergarten Early Nursery Rhyme Collections, the new collection features 40 original short stories, rhymes, and poems that will be used throughout the lessons.

Kindergarten will also include new wellness activities and videos designed to teach students about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Students will cook healthy foods and participate in fitness activities.

Changes to the Getting Started Activities include the incorporation of the Little Lincoln Flashcards, new songs, writing journals, and other opportunities for students to explore their imaginations.

Other updates have been added to the reteaching activities, alphabet instruction, videos, online games, recommended readings.