• New Features for Little Lincoln EK–2

    The National Network of Digital Schools has made several exciting changes to the Little Lincoln online user experience for the 2012-2013 academic year. Little Lincoln now has a new and improved look and feel, which combines an easy-to-navigate user interface with stunning visual graphics for an overall phenomenal experience for students, teachers, and Guides. Among the noted changes are:

    • A newly structured Resource section featuring helpful, updated documents including objective overviews, glossaries, tip sheets, and much more.
    • A reminder to submit assessments upon completion of a day’s content, with a direct link to the exact place in Gradebook where the assessment should be submitted.
    • The ability to go directly to the World of Midlandia upon completion of a day’s content.
    • A redesigned Library section.

    The Little Lincoln end of day page now features direct links to the Gradebook assessments as well as easy access to the imaginative World of Midlandia. 

    The Library feature in the new Little Lincoln website has been optimized for much faster load times. It also includes descriptions of each of the online components. 

    We plan to release many noteworthy features over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding additional enhancements.