First Grade

Objectives Overviews First Grade: Social Studies

Your first grade student will reflect on the ideals, principles, and practices of a citizenship in a democratic republic by:

  • Recognizing symbols and leaders of the United States
  • Relating self and the family as part of a community
  • Practicing good citizenship

Your first grade student will analyze culture and cultural diversity by:

  • Recognizing the roles of family members and other important people
  • Comparing various types of shelter, food, and clothing
  • Comparing and contrasting roles, customs, and activities of families
  • Using personal examples to identify shelter, food, and clothing, in addition to the need to belong to a group of some kind

Your first grade student will interpret the way human beings view themselves in and over time by:

  • Tracing family information over time
  • Distinguishing among past, present, and future
  • Comparing how people of long ago and people of today
  • Comparing/contrasting the seasons of the year had to meet similar needs

Your first grade student will assess materials to study space and place by:

  • Using a map to locate and describe familiar places in home, classroom, school, and community
  • Identifying directions
  • Distinguishing between land and water masses on a globe
  • Explaining patterns of movement
  • Identifying different types of transportation for different communities depending on their location
  • Recognizing services in his own community
  • Identifying and locating places that provide these services

Your first grade student will recognize individual development and identity by:

  • Demonstrating personal responsibilities
  • Recognizing the value of community and the need to belong

Your first grade student will relate individuals, groups, and institutions to one another by:

  • Describing how a community depends upon its helpers
  • Participating on walks and trips to places in the community, and relating his own experiences

Your first grade student will examine the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services by:

  • Discussing the importance of sharing resources
  • Describing the concept of earning, saving, and spending
  • Describing how we depend upon workers with money specialized skills, and how this results in the exchange of goods and services

Your first grade student will analyze how people create and change structures of power, authority, and governance, so that the learner can:

  • Justify the need for rules and appropriate standards of behavior
  • Explain how voting is a way to make a decision

Your first grade student will examine how science and technology are applied in society by:

  • Listing examples of pollution
  • Describing how our physical environment influences a family’s ability to obtain the required food, clothing, and shelter
  • Relating how the technological advances of communication and transportation affect society
  • Interpreting information from pictures, graphics, media

Your first grade student will determine global connections and interdependence by:

  • Defining basic social concepts of cooperation, conflicts, and competition
  • Defining transportation and identifying kinds of transportation
  • Classifying needs and wants
  • Recognizing dependency between local, state, and national governments