Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Guide?

    The Guide is the adult who will lead the student through the daily educational activities. A parent, a teacher, or another adult may serve as the Guide. The relationship between the Guide and the student is very important. The Guide will act as the primary educational facilitator who provides the student with structure, assistance, and guidance each day. The Guide is given a wide variety of online and offline resources. Each Guide will have login information to the Guide portion of the Little Lincoln website. Here, he or she can monitor the student's progress, access helpful documents, get answers to frequently asked questions, view video tutorials, see optional enrichment activities, and enter the assessment center. The Guide can also correspond with other Guides via the online forums. The Guide is provided with a Guide Book for each season, which is a printed manual that tells the Guide what to do each day. It includes detailed explanations of the objectives and directions on how to help students complete the activities.

  • What is Midlandia?

    Midlandia is a fictional world that has been created for the Little Lincoln elementary curriculum. Its citizens, called Midlandians, are the focus of the Little Lincoln Radio episodes and the Tales of Midlandia Reading Series. The Midlandian characters all have unique personalities, careers, strengths, and weaknesses, just like humans do. Your student will learn along with the Midlandians as they solve real-world problems.

    The Midlandians are thoughtful, friendly, intelligent, and curious about the world around them. They are eager to share their knowledge with one another and any friends they meet, including the helpful Kid Council members that journey to Midlandia every day. Each Midlandian is named based on some aspect of his or her profession. For example, Brick is the town construction worker, Dewey is the town librarian, and Builda owns and operates the bicycle factory. The students are exposed to more Midlandian characters in each year, so that by the end of Second Grade, they have had interactions with approximately 40 fictional friends.

  • How many days are there in a Little Lincoln school year, and what makes up each day?

    There are 180 days for each year of the Little Lincoln curriculum. Each day is broken down into four cycles. Each cycle includes a Little Lincoln Radio episode, a Little Lincoln TV teacher video, and oftentimes a Little Lincoln interactive game. Offline, students participate in a wide variety of hands-on activities, including art projects, science experiments, activity pages, and more. All offline components are explained in the guide books that come with the curriculum materials. 

  • Can my student work at his own pace? Can he work ahead in the curriculum?

    The Little Lincoln curriculum was designed to allow each student to work through the content at his or her own pace. This creates an optimal learning environment as instruction can be planned around each student’s individual needs and routine. The Guide has control over the student’s online accounts. This lets the Guide either "lock" the student's progression from day to day or allow the student to progress from one day to the next unrestricted.

  • Where and how do I log attendance?

    Due to the flexible nature of the Little Lincoln curriculum, daily attendance is not tracked by our software. Instead, student progress is tracked by the completed days, cycles, and content pieces for the online portion of the curriculum.

  • What if I finish early? What if I do not finish on time?

    Little Lincoln students who start school on or around August 15 and follow along with the suggested pacing of the lessons, and who skip approximately 15 days for vacation or holidays, can expect to complete the 180 days of instruction on or around May 15 of the following year. However, students can take as much time as they need to complete the content, whether that means finishing before or after the scheduled time frame. Students who finish early are encouraged to revisit any Extend Your Thinking! and reteaching activities that they may have skipped throughout the year, as well as additional online enrichment activities that are posted in the Guide section of the website. Students can move on to the next year of the Little Lincoln curriculum if their school allows it.

  • How long do Little Lincoln students spend on the curriculum each day?

    The standard four-cycle day (or two-cycle day in the case of early kindergarten) has been designed to take as long as a full day of school. However, an advantage of the Little Lincoln curriculum is the ability to go at a student’s own pace. The Guide can choose to spend more or less time on different objectives based on the needs of the student.

  • How much time will my student spend on the computer?

    The Little Lincoln curriculum uses the most effective learning schedule for the elementary age group. Each day incorporates both online and offline components to keep students interested and focused. Following the suggested daily schedule, students will spend approximately 2 - 2.5 hours online and 2 - 2.5 hours offline completing their schoolwork. However, additional resources and extra reinforcement activities are available to the students if needed.

  • What do I get if I enroll in the Little Lincoln curriculum?

    All Little Lincoln students get access to the online resources through the secure website. Each student also receives several offline resources that are delivered to his or her home. The offline materials provided by Little Lincoln vary by grade level, but generally there are five shipments per year. Each student will receive one box per nine-week quarter that contains the materials for that season. The fifth box, which arrives along with the fall seasonal box at the beginning of the year, contains all of the miscellaneous supplies that the student will need to complete the hands-on activities. In early kindergarten, there is an additional box for the Getting Started activities, which arrives with the fall supplies at the beginning of the school year. There is also an optional Suggested Reading Kit with approximately 18 age-appropriate books. A complete list of supplies for each grade level of the Little Lincoln curriculum can be found here. 

    Complete List of Supplies for Early Kindergarten
    Complete List of Supplies for Kindergarten
    Complete List of Supplies for First Grade
    Complete List of Supplies for Second Grade

  • Do I need to send my materials back after I complete a year of the Little Lincoln curriculum? Can I write in the books?

    All Little Lincoln materials are for you to keep; nothing needs to be sent back. You can feel free to write in the books and use the materials however you wish.

  • Where and how do I send in my student’s work?

    Little Lincoln students will turn in periodic assessments. The majority of these assessments are worksheets and writing sample pages that are found in the activities books. Each assessment is scanned and turned in to the student’s Elementary Teacher Facilitator, who grades the student on his or her progress. This process is easy with the new Little Lincoln Gradebook system that converts the scanned images into smaller files for faster submission.

  • Who are the teachers?

    Every day, students enter the virtual classrooms of our energetic teachers. These teachers, portrayed by professional actors, have unique personalities to make learning fun. The video scripts, along with all of the lessons and activities used in the Little Lincoln curriculum, are written and approved by fully-accredited elementary educators. Because Little Lincoln can be used as a whole or in parts, administrators have the option to use their own teachers instead of the provided teacher videos.