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Where is Third Grade?

What comes next for a second grade Little Lincoln student? Third grade of course! For third grade, students will be introduced to their first year of Lincoln Interactive courses. Both students and guides will be familiar with features similar to those found in Little Lincoln, and also be exposed to new features that are specifically developed for third grade.

Learn more by visiting Lincoln Interactive Third Grade.

Kindergarten Samples
  • These activities teach position words, introduce the five senses, and provide reteaching aides for extra practice.
  • Detailed explanations show the Guide how to teach the student to write his or her name using good writing techniques.
  • Mrs. Triggle shows you why it is important to use good conversational skills.

  • Builda learns how one small idea to reduce, reuse, and recycle can benefit all of Midlandia.

  • Exercise your upper body muscles with Miss Palomine and Coach Socrates.

  • Brick needs help finding all the square shapes in the city. Can you help him?

  • Meet the Midlandians by traveling and exploring the World of Midlandia!