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Where is Third Grade?

What comes next for a second grade Little Lincoln student? Third grade of course! For third grade, students will be introduced to their first year of Lincoln Interactive courses. Both students and guides will be familiar with features similar to those found in Little Lincoln, and also be exposed to new features that are specifically developed for third grade.

Learn more by visiting Lincoln Interactive Third Grade.

Early Kindergarten Samples
  • These activities let students describe themselves, explore shapes and patterns, and meet the letter characters.
  • Step-by-step instructions help the Guide introduce songs, nursery rhymes, letter flashcards, and weather descriptions.
  • Miss Palomine and Coach Socrates play a game with hopping, marching, and jumping to stay fit.

  • As wintertime comes to Midlandia, Beaker searches for the answer to a puzzling mystery.
  • Meet the Midlandians by traveling and exploring the World of Midlandia!

  • The parts of this system are all jumbled up! See if you can put them back together.

  • Miss Palomine counts how many of her friends she sees waiting in line.