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Where is Third Grade?

What comes next for a second grade Little Lincoln student? Third grade of course! For third grade, students will be introduced to their first year of Lincoln Interactive courses. Both students and guides will be familiar with features similar to those found in Little Lincoln, and also be exposed to new features that are specifically developed for third grade.

Learn more by visiting Lincoln Interactive Third Grade.

All Grade Levels
  • Get your shovel out, and help Antigua dig for the right dinosaur bones.
  • The Food Detective Berry Blue compares fresh fruits to canned or frozen fruits and then invites your student to play a game of Fruits of the Rainbow.

  • Coach Socrates and Miss Palomine review six movements and play a game called “Hunt the Movement” using combinations of those six movements

  • Koostoe's misadventures as a pirate teach him a lesson about where to find real treasure.
  • Visit the farm with Ms. Mapple as she discusses different types of communities.
  • These activities let students describe themselves, explore shapes and patterns, and meet the letter characters.
  • These activities teach position words, introduce the five senses, and provide reteaching aides for extra practice.
  • These activities let the student practice recognizing letter sounds, writing letters and numbers, and sorting pictures.
  • The math activities reinforce adding and estimating, while the reading activities emphasize vocabulary and grammar.
  • Step-by-step instructions help the Guide introduce songs, nursery rhymes, letter flashcards, and weather descriptions.
  • Detailed explanations show the Guide how to teach the student to write his or her name using good writing techniques.
  • The activity checklist, materials list, and Getting Started Activities prepare the Guide and student for the day’s lessons.
  • Videos, activities, extra practice, and reteaching exercises give the Guide options for how to teach math concepts.
  • Mrs. Triggle shows you why it is important to use good conversational skills.

  • Bun needs help keeping track of time in the Blueberry Bakery & Bistro.

  • Builda learns how one small idea to reduce, reuse, and recycle can benefit all of Midlandia.

  • Exercise your upper body muscles with Miss Palomine and Coach Socrates.

  • Ms. Mapple has a stellar view of Earth’s land forms and water forms... from the moon!

  • Miss Palomine and Coach Socrates play a game with hopping, marching, and jumping to stay fit.

  • Brick needs help finding all the square shapes in the city. Can you help him?

  • Mrs. Triggle reviews adding and subtracting fact families using different counting strategies.

  • As wintertime comes to Midlandia, Beaker searches for the answer to a puzzling mystery.
  • Mrs. Walden shares the final draft of her personal narrative about having fun in the ocean.

  • Meet the Midlandians by traveling and exploring the World of Midlandia!

  • The parts of this system are all jumbled up! See if you can put them back together.

  • Miss Palomine counts how many of her friends she sees waiting in line.