What is Little Lincoln?

Little Lincoln is an interactive, standards-based curriculum that combines rich multimedia with comprehensive hands-on activities. The Little Lincoln courses encourage excitement and creativity in the areas of math, science, reading, writing, social studies, wellness, and visual arts. Our students experience a dynamic virtual classroom through the use of teacher videos, audio stories, animated characters, and interactive games. By combining these online activities with various hands-on elements like our activities books, experiments, art projects, and a wonderful collection of illustrated storybooks, our students receive a complete and fulfilling education experience.

Meet the Little Lincoln Online Faculty

Every day, our students enter the classrooms of entertaining and energetic teachers. These teachers are portrayed by skilled professional actors who perform scripts written by fully-accredited elementary educators. Students watch exciting concepts come to life through songs, experiments, and imaginative activities.

Early Kindergarten

Are you ready for another fun day? Me, too! My name is Miss Palomine. I teach early kindergarten. Together we will discover all sorts of new things!

Miss Palomine


Hello, Dr. Algae here. My sidekick Bunsen the Spider and I can’t wait to get into the lab every day with our Jr. Scientists. Whether we are talking about how electricity works or discussing what elements are, each lesson will pique the Jr. Scientists’ curiosity and keep them coming back for more.

Dr. Algae


"Mr. Reed Moore, reading teacher, reporting for duty." That’s how I start every lesson. I love to share my passion for reading with my students. Every day, we explore exciting stories with a variety of interesting characters to help keep learning fun.

Mr. Reed Moore

Social Studies

Hi ya'll! I'm Ms. Marianne Mapple. Ever since the day I was born in North Carolina, I have been exploring the world to learn about other people and places. I use my experience to teach my students about geography, government, culture, and history. We take trips to far away places without ever leaving home.

Ms. Marianne Mapple

Social Studies

I’m Mrs. Heidi Triggle. I teach mathematics. Math is all around us! I often find myself seeing math problems while taking a walk or riding my bike. I try to show my students how to keep their eyes open for it, too. My students learn how to see math in their everyday lives. Soon, they are loving math as much as I do!

Mrs. Heidi Triggle


"Writing is as important as breathing!" That's what I often tell my students. I'm Mrs. Charlotte Walden, and I teach our Little Lincoln students how to love the written word. The ablilty to write well is a skill that will help students throughout their lives. I like to use various elements of the world around us to inspire my budding authors.

Mrs. Charlotte Walden


I am Food Detective Berry Blue! We will use our scientific minds as we conduct investigations about how to live a healthful lifestyle. I will show you how regular exercise, plenty of sleep, and a vitamin-packed, nutritious diet help you to be happy and healthy! Who knows? Maybe I will inspire you to become a food detective, just like me! If you have a question about healthy foods, I’m here to solve it for you.

Mrs. Berry Blue

Delivered Online

These components are delivered and streamed online through our secure website.


Little Lincoln students receive direct instruction each day by watching teacher videos. Each teacher has a fun personality that gets students excited about learning. All videos are approved by certified teachers.

Videos appear in:


Using the interactive Storybook feature, students are able to listen to a story, follow along with onscreen text, and even turn the pages when prompted. The Storybook feature effectively combines auditory and visual learning.

Storybooks appear in:


The objectives-based online games in the Little Lincoln Arcade create a fun way to emphasize concepts and further develop skills. Students can bring their own avatars to life in the virtual world of Midlandia.

Videos appear in:


The Adventures in Midlandia audio series on Little Lincoln Radio highlights important concepts, especially for auditory learners. Students can set the virtual background, characters, and props to go along with each story.

Storybooks appear in:

Delivered to your Door

Students will use a wide variety of tools and supplies to illustrate objectives, conduct experiments, create art projects, and much more. We deliver all of those tools right to you door.

The Supply Box

Each student will receive one supply kit per school year. The supply kit contains all of the necessary tools to conduct experiments and participate in activities that reinforce learning objectives.

The Supply Kit comes with:

Seasonal Boxes

Each student will receive one seasonal box per nine-week quarter. Each seasonal box contains one Guide Book, three activities books, storybooks from the Tales of Midlandia series, and other necessary printed materials.

Seasonal Boxes appear in:

The Guide Books

The Guide Book is a printed manual that tells the Guide what to do each day. It includes detailed explanations of the objectives and directions for how to help students complete the activities. It also includes instructions for the daily Getting Started activities, which build routine and structure into each day.

Samples Available

Guide Books appear in:

The Activities Books

Each student receives three activities books per season. These books contain colorful activity pages that reinforce each lesson's objectives. Each book includes on-level activities, reteaching activities, and extra practice pages.

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Activities Books appear in:

Tales of Midlandia

This collection of illustrated storybooks tells of characters from the world of Midlandia. The student will encounter the books and characters throughout the curriculum. Some books are included in the seasonal boxes.

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Storybooks appear in:

Little Lincoln Adventure Series

This collection of four fiction novels continues to tell stories of Midlandia and was developed for our second grade curriculum. Each novel contains nine chapters so that the student can focus on one per week.

Samples Available

Little Lincoln Adventure Series appears in:

Full List of Included Supplies

We provide you with everything your student needs to successfully complete the Little Lincoln curriculum. You will receive five boxes of materials each year. One supply kit arrives at the beginning of the year, and one seasonal box ships at the beginning of each nine-week quarter.

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